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Daily uncertainties are compounded when we receive conflicting advice from various people in our personal and professional lives: financial advisors, business partners, insurance professionals, bankers, lawyers, spouses and other family members. Conflicting advice produces gridlock and an inability to make strategic decisions.

When you consult with Bud, his strategy is to simply take a step back and consider all angles of an issue and all potential outcomes. Then, forging ahead toward the best possible solution is simply a matter of weighing the risks and rewards.

Why Choose CEO Independent Advisor

Upper-level leaders in various arenas are influenced by advisors with different agendas.

With extensive experience and a broad history providing confidential advice to corporate, political and community leaders, Bud Hockenberg is uniquely qualified to provide a holistic look at all important aspects of critical decisions.

Our Solution-Focused Consulting Process

When you work with Bud, you’ll learn to weigh the risks and rewards associated with any challenge, no matter how complex. Here’s what to expect when you partner with Bud:

1. Getting Started: Complete Confidentiality

Your first meeting with Bud is completely confidential. You and Bud will sign a consulting agreement to protect your privacy, and you’ll discuss your situation and desired outcome. During this initial meeting, Bud will match his process and strategy with your personal situation.

There is no obligation for the first meeting. If you decide to engage Bud, you will mutually agree upon terms, expectations and a compensation contract.

2. Diving In: Understanding Your Situation & Goals

If you decide to work with Bud, you’ll set up a second appointment where he will review relevant documents. Bud will then discuss your situation with you to achieve a strategic solution.

3. Moving Forward: Resolution Through Risk and Reward Analysis

Bud’s approach is simple, clear and direct, rooted in experience. His goal is to identify the risks and rewards of your decisions.

Flexible Consulting Services Tailored to Your Business and Personal Needs

Reach out if you’d like to schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation. Bud is eager to help you find a path toward a solution.

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